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Who runs your university? UCU workshop on governance, democracy and business influence in higher education

23 January 2009

Join the debates on how to reclaim our universities.

Friday 6 March, London (11- 4pm), hosted by the University of East London.

Open to all UCU members concerned about problems of university governance, democracy and growing business influence on higher education.

  • who sits on your board of governors? Who appoints them, monitors them, dismisses them? What is their influence on university affairs?
  • do you have adequate representation of academic staff among governors? Are they able to represent your interests effectively? Are they excluded form key debates and decisions? how influential are senates and academic boards in shaping the policy of your university?
  • how many of your governors are from the world of business? Do they have experience of higher education? Are their inputs appropriate? Do they use their influence positively?
  • how do UCU members feel about growing corporate influence at a time when business failures are daily headline news?
  • how can we challenge the sustained attacks on charters and statutes in pre-1992 universities?
  • help to shape UCU policy and our union's submission to Government on issues of governance.

Held at UEL Docklands Campus, where there has been intense debate about the role of governors, and especially of corporate influence. All branches and LAs were encouraged to send members who can feed in your local experience and help to develop UCU strategy on these issues. Keynote speakers include Dr Alastair Hunter (Glasgow University, UCU President Elect) and Professor Mike Rustin (UEL).

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