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Education against Climate Change: Countdown to Copenhagen week

12 January 2010

UCU and Campaign Against Climate Change were promoting events in the lead-up to the Copenhagen summit. We wanted to encourage staff and students to incorporate climate change into lessons and activities during December.

EACC is also a long term priority for the UCU. We are calling for the creation of 1 million climate jobs. This will not be achievable unless people have the hard and soft skills to fill future posts. Job creation must go hand in hand with a thorough review of opportunities for greening the existing curriculum in FE and HE.

We also need to know of any initiatives being taken by your branch or institution on this so that we can have a thorough understanding of the issues and best practice.

Useful links can also be found here 

Here are some good examples from the University of Middlesex:

Middlesex University: love letter [326kb]

Middlesex University: SMEs, the Environment and Sustainability [161kb]

Middlesex University: Green (Environmental) Human Resource Management [558kb]

Middlesex University: Corporate Social Responsibility and \u000bthe Environment [2mb]

Middlesex University: Environment and business ethics [367kb]

Middlesex University: climate change poster [6kb]

Middlesex University: Green HRD - The Potential Contribution of HRD Concepts and Theories to Environmental Management [322kb]

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