Education against Climate Change: Countdown to Copenhagen week

UCU and Campaign Against Climate Change were promoting events in the lead-up to the Copenhagen summit. We wanted to encourage staff and students to incorporate climate change into lessons and activities during December.

EACC is also a long term priority for the UCU. We are calling for the creation of 1 million climate jobs. This will not be achievable unless people have the hard and soft skills to fill future posts. Job creation must go hand in hand with a thorough review of opportunities for greening the existing curriculum in FE and HE. If you are interested in participating in this UCU review please contact:
We also need to know of any initiatives being taken by your branch or institution on this so that we can have a thorough understanding of the issues and best practice.
Click here for a selection of some of the things that happened in universities and colleges in the UK: Education against Climate Change

Useful links can also be found here 

Here are some good examples from the University of Middlesex:

Middlesex University: love letter [326kb]

Middlesex University: SMEs, the Environment and Sustainability [161kb]

Middlesex University: Green (Environmental) Human Resource Management [558kb]

Middlesex University: Corporate Social Responsibility and \u000bthe Environment [2Mb]

Middlesex University: Environment and business ethics [367kb]

Middlesex University: climate change poster [6kb]

Middlesex University: Green HRD - The Potential Contribution of HRD Concepts and Theories to Environmental Management [322kb]

Last updated: 14 October 2016