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Points-based system: the implications for liberty

1 April 2009

A UCU seminar chaired by Sally Hunt, general secretary

Tuesday 28 April 2009
It would appear the new duties include the object 'to monitor compliance with immigration rules' requiring universities and colleges ensure that students comply with the terms of their visa and comply with record keeping duties - keeping copies of passports, keeping and updating student contact details and give the police any information it may have that suggest that the foreign national may be engaging in terrorism or other criminal activity.
The system has significant implications for members working in both HE and FE. HEIs will be the highest volume users of the new immigration system but a number of the proposals for the operation of the system are not appropriate for HEIs as they have been developed for employers and employees rather than education institutions and students.
This half-day seminar aims to develop the campaign further, to debate and hear the views of interested stakeholders and to respond to the challenges faced, with the aim of developing shared and concrete strategies.
This half-day seminar, chaired by Sally Hunt, general secretary, aims to develop how we can take the campaign forward.

You will get the opportunity to:

  • receive our survey results
  • hear UCU's concerns
  • learn how the PB system is being implemented in colleges and universities and the impact on our members, by our members.

Speakers include:

  • Sally Hunt, UCU general secretary, chair
  • Tom Hickey (chair of recruitment, organising and campaigning committee)
  • Gerry Cleary (Academic Related Committee)
  • Manick Govinda, Arts Admin
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