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The impact of social class on experiences of working in post-16 education

29 September 2022

A report by UCU exploring members' views about how their social class has impacted their working experiences, based on a poll of nearly 4000 members

UCU conducted a scoping exercise to help better understand the ways in which social class, and the intersectional nature of class, impact members in the workplace. 3,987 responses were received from across the membership. Overall, almost half (49%) of respondents describe their current or former background as working class, a figure that is lower than the 60% average across Britain.

This process has shown that UCU members, particularly those who are from a working class background themselves, believe that social class impacts experiences of working in the post-16 sector. Negative impacts are felt most acutely by respondents from a working class background; those who work in the higher education sector; and those with protected characteristics - suggesting an intersectional nature of discrimination.

Social class report [430kb]

Last updated: 29 September 2022