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Teaching & research

Policy briefings and research on teaching and research in UK colleges and universities.

Teacher education under attack: a UCU campaign briefing

Teacher education in higher education has a long and proud history. It has recently faced a fundamental attack that risks causing long-term damage to the quality of teacher education in England.

UCU education policy summary

This document contains a summary of current UCU policy as adopted by the union's Education Committee during 2013-14.

Chancellor's red budget box

Budget 2014

Looking at the implications for UCU members of the coalition's March 2014 budget.

What are MOOCs?

UCU briefing on MOOCs - massive open online courses, the free, open access and scalable online higher education courses.

UCU policy position on MOOCs

This policy paper outlines the basis of a UCU position on MOOCs.

Beyond the consumerist agenda: Teaching quality and the 'student experience' in higher education

A positive UCU alternative to the consumerist agenda in higher education.

The future of vocational education

Bringing together all the strands of existing policy on vocational education.

Towards a UCU policy on professionalism

The sectors in which UCU members work are littered with the corpses of failed attempts at institutionalisation and regulation (or de-regulation) of professional requirements and recognition.

Higher education green paper

UCU looks at the government's 2015 higher education green paper.

UCU Scotland policy

UCU Scotland actively helps to shape all aspects of Scottish higher education.