National march and parade against fascism and racism

3 June 2008

London, Saturday 21 June 2008

National march and parade against fascism and racism : This link opens in a new window Called by Love Music Hate Racism and Unite Against Fascism, supported by trade unions and other organisations.

The BNP is not a legitimate political party. It is a fascist organization dedicated to the political tradition of Hitler and Mussolini.

LMHR's Victoria Park Carnival showed the mass multicultural audience determined to oppose racism and fascism. LMHR and Unite Against Fascism are calling a national demonstration and carnival parade against fascism and racism which will celebrate the diversity of our society and make it clear that racism and fascist organisations like the BNP will not be tolerated.

** March and carnival parade **   ** Floats with top artists performing **    ** Marching, dhol & samba bands **   ** Speakers and banners from scores of organisations opposed to the BNP's racist hate **

What you can do

  • Book a coach from your area - many are already booked, see the LMHR website for details
  • Put on a float representing your area, promotion, crew or band - tell us if you're doing this so we can advertise your float
  • In the wake of the fantastic carnival and the BNP election victory we have been inundated with invites to have stalls, work with promoters on their shows and people who want to get involved in building the campaign. We need LMHR supporters to help us do this. If you can help, please email with a mobile phone number and letting us know when you are available. We particularly need people who can offer us some time during the day to come and help out in our central London office. Look forward to hearing from you!

Please come along and bring you friends and family, union banners welcome.
For flyers/posters to download go to the Unite Against Fascism website to order hard copies for circulation ring the UAF office on 0207 833 4916

For further information or to get involved or put on a float contact Unite Against Fascism

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