Highlights from #anticas16

12 December 2016

Recruiting new members to the union is one of the most difficult tasks that activists can do. Reps still get a sinking feeling when it comes to door knocking rounds or membership drives despite many years of experience.

Building the recruitment capability of a branch is like flexing a muscle. It can take time to develop a plan, and to stick to it, but muscles only grow stronger when you exercise them.

The regular national recruitment week is a great opportunity to launch some new ideas or give your recruitment goals a kick start.

Leeds UCU. Photo: @leedsucu Leeds UCU. Photo: @leedsucu #anticas16 - the anti-casualisation day of action - was a particular highlight this year. Heaps of branches shared images of their recruitment stalls and meetings on our day of action supporter wall.

Leeds led the way when it came to interactive recruitment stands. Both the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University created some eye-catching interactive displays.

Stockton Riverside College had the same idea, with four issues to choose from - plus the shrewd addition of delicious cake.

Leeds Beckett University. Photo: @UCUStPauls Leeds Beckett University. Photo: @UCUStPauls The struggle to stamp out casual contracts isn't over - and all the latest news is over on the main UCU website at this page. If you're looking for some material to share - have a look the latest issue of our precarious work campaign magazine Security Matters, available to read or print at this link. The anti-casualisation committee also produces a regular newsletter, available here.

All of the activity during national recruitment week saw 20% more new members join than in the recruitment week held during November 2015.

Stockton Riverside College. Photo: @UCUNorthern Stockton Riverside College. Photo: @UCUNorthern It's never a bad time to flex your recruiting muscle - these Build the Union pages have a range of ideas you can use and adapt, and if you need some support getting a plan together, the national campaigns team are an email away. Let us know you need a hand: campaigns@ucu.org.uk.

If your branch came up with a great stall idea, share it with us. Tweet us - @ucu - or visit UCU Campaigns on Facebook.

Joe McCrory
UCU national organiser

Last updated: 9 January 2018