Building UCU at North Hertfordshire College

21 July 2015

Branch reps are involving members at North Hertfordshire College in an excellent campaign to encourage more staff to join.

Every member has been issued with a pack of materials (pens, badges, leaflets etc) and asked to invite at least three colleagues to join. The branch had previously sent a welcome letter to staff telling them that they can expect to be approached by a UCU member.

Branch secretary Michael Smith told members: 'We realise we are asking you to give up a small amount of time to take the plunge and ask colleagues to join UCU. You will be aware that those you ask may not always respond completely positively. Treat it as a new experience and an opportunity to hone your persuasive powers!  

'Remember too that that getting someone to join the union should also benefit you: the influence of a trade union relies solely on the strength in the numbers: the larger the membership the greater the strength and the consequent prospect of better treatment, better pay, and better conditions from management.' 

This is a brilliant way to build UCU in our workplaces because it involves everyone (the work is not just left to one person!) and it establishes the union as something that all staff can participate in and benefit from its growth and success.   


Last updated: 15 January 2018