Build the Union

UCU in your workplace - volunteer to be a local contact

We are looking for people to take on the role of UCU local contacts in their immediate workplaces or departments.

What is a local contact?

A contact is someone who is willing to take on a range of smaller tasks that help raise the profile of the branch among your immediate colleagues. A contact is also someone who ensures that members in your work area feel that the union is present, relevant and listens to them.

If you fill in your details below, we will pass on your details to your branch. Not every branch's needs are the same, but if you do volunteer you should be happy to do the following:

  • distribute union literature on behalf of your branch or the national union to department or work area colleagues. This could be in the form of passing on emails, putting up posters and distributing leaflets or newsletters.
  • act as a point of liaison between members in your immediate work area and the branch. To be clear, this does NOT involve representing members or taking on individual cases or meeting management. But it means making sure that members know you will keep your branch officers informed about what's happening locally.
  • distribute union messages to non-members. This could be in the form of passing on emails to your colleagues urging them to join or making sure your colleagues all get union literature promoting membership.

Find out more about the role of the contact. [52kb]

Thank you for volunteering to be a local contact for UCU. Please enter a few details below and we will be in contact again very soon.