Aberdeen recruitment week plans

24 August 2017

Susan Melvin from Aberdeen UCU gives a run-down on their latest recruitment week activities.

This year we will...

  • running a 'poster splash' - new posters to be displayed throughout campus. Members are being invited to give us 15 minutes of their time at lunchtime - and the whole campus will be covered (we hope!) with new UCU posters!
  • receving a visit from Chris Mason, the UCU Pensions Officer, who will be delivering free USS 1-1 consultations for members. These will be advertised to all not-yet-members on the back of an article written by our local pensions officer about 'USS: Behind the Headlines'. They will have to join to take advantage of this offer. (We have had similar sessions before and they are HUGELY popular and always oversubscribed)
  • give members at the general meeting on 27 September 'Reasons to Join' leaflets and encouraged to recruit at least one new member each
  • host a seminar on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Workplace. Attendees at the seminar on 28 September will be given joining information
  • sending a copy of the Academic-Related Manifesto to all AR staff with additional recruitment info and personalised letter. This is a low density area so we hope that specific targeting will bear fruit!
Last updated: 16 January 2018