Strategising in Liverpool

21 April 2017

University of Liverpool UCU's Pam Galloway outlines their recruitment strategy.

University of Liverpool UCU branch receives a list of all staff who are eligible to join the UCU. We map current members onto the list. We sort the list via department then members/non-members and calculate the density of each department. Mapping helps us to target areas where density is low for recruitment i.e. door-knocking, mailshots, providing reps with lists of new staff in their department. Where density in a department is high proves most useful for targeting areas to campaign i.e. most efficient use of our time.

We have developed a recruitment strategy; we measure against the total membership numbers/density across departments to see where we are positioned regarding our targets, then re-adjust to address the shortfalls where possible.

We use mapping to target vulnerable staff i.e. zero-hours staff, professors, research staff. We can survey targeted staff to get to know what is happening 'real-time'. This can be helpful when identifying suitable campaigns which is another opportunity to recruit new members.

We attend new staff inductions and talk to groups fo staff then follow-up via email-shots and providing lists to reps in those areas.

All these activities help to raise our profile around campus; it lets members and HR see we are very active, more involved and are constantly working towards a 'better staff experience' during their employment in the University of Liverpool.

Last updated: 16 January 2018