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Make a Difference - Join the Union

23 April 2010

Make a Difference - Join the Union is our month-long recruitment campaign.

Building UCU UCU is a growing union. With the pressure on our sectors at the current time, it is not surprising that more and more staff in colleges and universities are turning to their union for help. But we cannot be complacent. If we are to going to be able to give our members the collective strength that means they cannot be ignored by employers or by government, we need to be bigger and stronger. That's what makes this campaign so important. Here, we have gathered together resources to help you recruit more members to your branches.

What can you find here?

The materials are grouped around a series of themes that reflect the union's campaigning priorities: staff at the start of their careers, targeting casualised staff and defending jobs and education.

Recruiting early careers colleagues

UCU has just published a new guide for early careers staff that helps them orient themselves in those difficult first years in the job. This is a great recruiting tool. You could launch it at your college or university. Here you can download an early careers recruitment leaflet, a flyer for the guide, a copy of the guide itself and a model presentation on early careers.

Recruiting casualised staff

Staff on casual contracts are a huge and growing part of our sectors and that makes them a priority for UCU. We need to protect the most vulnerable staff and we need to speak for the whole workforce. Here you can find resources to help you recruit casual staff including hourly paid staff and research staff in higher education. You can also find a link to our ever popular Researchers' Survival Guide.

Defend Jobs, Defend Education - Build the Union

UCU is actively campaigning to defend jobs wherever they are threatened and wherever we campaign actively, we recruit more members because they see us fighting for their jobs. If you want to run a recruitment event on the theme of 'Defend Jobs, Defend Education', you can download a leaflet and poster here:

Contact Ed Bailey for more help or to order more materials

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