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Pride means

Celebrate Pride

22 July 2020

Every year, Pride events across the UK are important occasions for the LGBT+ community to come together to continue the fight for equality, challenge prejudice and celebrate LGBT+ lives in all their diversity.

Although some physical Pride events in the UK have been cancelled this year due to Covid-19 restrictions, and others are under review, UCU is encouraging members to come together and mark it online instead. 

On this page you will a range of resources for use on social media and by members in branches - please share them widely!

We're also asking members to tell us what Pride means to you using the hashtag #PrideMeans.

Share what Pride means to you

You can download one or more of the graphics below to share what Pride means for you.

You can use these in a short video or photograph to upload onto social media using the #PrideMeans. You could write some text to say why you have posted your pic or video. In the video you can say what Pride means for you.

UCU will retweet some social media posts that have used the #PrideMeans to celebrate Pride over the summer.

If you want to create a short video or picture and do not have social media please send your contribution to:

(Click any image to open a full-size version, then right-click to download or share.)

Celebration_of_history_social_media Celebration_of_identity celebration_of_life_social_media
Celebration_social_media Community_social_media Dignity_social_media
Diversity_social_media Equality_social_media Family_social_mediapsd
Inclusion_social_media Protest_social_media Strength_social_media
Unity_social_media Visibility Voice_social_media

Use and share our virtual photoframe

Follow this link to upload your photo using the UCU Pride frame

  • click on the 'Use Template' button (you will likely be asked to sign in either using your email or existing Google/Facebook login)
  • when you've logged in, click 'Uploads' toward the top left of your screen
  • upload your photo
  • click on your uploaded photo to add it to the frame
  • right-click on the photo in the frame and select 'Replace Background'
  • click on the 'share' button at the top and either share directly to social media or click on download to save a copy of your framed photo to upload.

LGBT+ Progress Flag LGBT+ Progress flag

In 2018, Daniel Quasar a graphic designer, dramatically redesigned the flag. In addition to the black and brown stripes, he also added stripes of pink, light blue and white from the transgender (trans) flag. This new flag called the Progress Pride Flag was designed to also represent the LGBT+ communities of colour, people living with AIDS, people no longer living and the trans community. The main section is left as the six-stripe flag, and the chevron on the left with the new colours was designed to represent the ongoing march towards progress.

Celebrating being LGBT+ and Defending LGBT+ Rights

UCU has produced films about the progress in achieving LGBT+ rights, barriers encountered to realising these rights in full, and ways to celebrate the success. The core aims of the films are to raise visibility of LGBT+ people, and raise awareness about historical and current progress and challenges. The films also demonstrates how important trade unions are in the realisation of rights and can serve as a resource to branches in promoting their work and the centrality of equality within the union movement.

LGBT+ rights in Europe 2020

On Thursday 14 May 2020 ILGA Europe launched the new version of the LGBT+ rights across Europe map.

There is a significant stagnation and retraction of some rights with some countries falling from previous years and some not advancing. There is an international concern about the position and challenges faced by LGBT+ people.

The Fundamental Rights Agency has published a report of a pan EU survey (including UK).

Voices and visibility wallchart

A wallchart was launched at TUC LGBT conference and Pride in London in June 2015. The aim has been to produce a resource to support those raising awareness of sexual orientation and gender identity equality and diversity. Centred on the United Kingdom, it highlights important legal milestones and identifies visible and significant contributions made by individuals, groups and particularly the labour movement.

The free LGBT wallchart can be downloaded here.

LBGT+ legislation over the years

The rights of LGBT+ people in the UK have developed significantly since homosexuality was first decriminalised in 1967. This brief summary of legislation gives an overview of some of the key legal milestones for LGBT+ people.

LGBT+ legislation [261kb]

All about Pride

Read about the origins and development of Pride across the world, and UCU's engagement with this important annual event.

UCU at Pride [90kb]


Last updated: 6 May 2021