Distributing newsletters

9 April 2015

We've had some success in putting together teams of volunteers to distribute newsletters. At Exeter University there is now a team of more than 20 people in, mapped to departments, with about 12 out of twenty or so buildings having at least two newsletter deliverers. These people are in addition to the existing committee.

We made a target list that included:

  1. all the people who ticked a box saying they were willing to help from a recent general meeting
  2. everyone who ticked the box on the application form to get involved over the last two years
  3. we also approached people who had joined the branch within six months.

This was about 100 or so people. All were contacted and asked whether they would be prepared to helkp distribute our newsletter. Not all those who came forward were eventually used in this way (if six volunteered for one building, for example).

The branch has had a number of issues to tackle over the past year but having regular newsletters and keeping people involved with events has meant that that membership figures has risen dramatically. Over 80 new members have joined this academic year and 18 joined in March.

Dave O'Toole
UCU South-West Region

Last updated: 23 January 2018