LSIS Sustainable Development Framework Project

9 February 2011 | last updated: 13 January 2016

UCU FE branches are advised to discuss the Sustainable Development Framework for the Learning and Skills Sector.

Sustaining our Future: A framework for moving towards a sustainable learning and skills sector [514kb]

UCU has been involved in the drafting of this document and we would encourage you to put it on the agenda for a discussion on sustainable development policy in your institution. We have been successful in including a reference to union green reps and consultation with trade unions on sustainable development issues. This will hopefully assist branches who have green reps to support their role but also provide an opportunity for branches who do not have a recognised green rep to get one recognised.

The relevant extracts from the 'leadership theme and key questions' are:

~ encourage learners, staff, trade union green representatives and stakeholders to innovate and implement sustainable development principles as part of 'bottom up' development

4. What level and type of engagement is there with staff, learners, recognised trade unions, and other stakeholders in relation to sustainable development?

The following institutions are piloting this framework during February: Hull College, St Helens College, Stockport Council Adult Education Service, Workers Educational Association and CWT Chamber Training.
We would be very keen to get feedback from these branches on how well the exercise was carried out. If any branches have questions/comments on this document send them to Bargaining and Negotiations Official (Health, Safety and Sustainability).