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UCU Congress 2020

Rescheduling Congress 2020 arrangements

An on-line interim Congress meeting will take place on 28-30 October 2020.

This will include sessions of the HE and FE sector conferences on Thursday 29 October.

This on-line meeting is being described as 'interim' to emphasis the temporary nature of some significant departures from the usual practice that will apply to this meeting, including the creation of a reduced 'core' agenda, and advance notice of delegates' requests to speak. All delegates are advised to read the full information set out in branch circular UCU/1038 [149kb]


Timetable of deadlines

Late motions


Withdrawal of motions

Delegate entitlements

Congress papers

Nomination forms


Registration deadline: Friday 16 October 2020

Registration for this event is now open. Delegates properly appointed by branches can register on line here

If you need help with registration, please contact Sue Bajwa.

Delegates who register will receive an email confirmation to say their registration has been received.

If you need help with your registration, please contact  Sue Bajwa

Once registered, delegates will receive an email confirmation to say their registration has been received.

Registration deadline - Friday 16 October.

Timetable of deadlines

This reflects changes to the usual process which are described in more detail in the arrangements circular (UCU1038).

  • 12 noon, Friday 2 October: Deadline for amendments and late motions

  • Friday 9 October: meeting of NEC committee chairs and Congress business committee (the 'agenda group') to agree a core agenda for the online interim Congress

  • No later than Tuesday 13 October: final core agenda published. Instructions included for making representations in respect of the agenda. Call for advance notice of speaking requests.

  • Friday 16 October: deadline for registration of delegates

  • Wednesday 21 October: deadline for nominations for Congress business committee, HE negotiators, FE negotiators, FE ratification panel, USS negotiators, and appeal panel members

  • 12 noon, Thursday 22 October: Deadline for delegates to submit their requests to speak. Deadline for representations in respect of the agenda.

  • Friday 23 October: agenda group meet to consider representations. Deadline for advance notification of speaking requests.

  • Monday 26 October: any amendments to agenda published to branches

  • Wednesday 28-Friday 30 October: online interim Congress meeting

  • Congress sessions Wednesday 28 and Friday 30 October: 11:00-13:00 and 14:00-16:00.

  • Sector conferences Thursday 29 October: FE sector conference 10:00-13:00, HE sector conference 14:00-17:00.

Late motions

An online form for the submission of late motions will appear here shortly.

Submitting bodies must explain how the late motion criteria is met, as described in UCU/1038 [149kb]

Noting the need to create a small, core agenda, it is not expected that late motions will be ordered which relate only to the local circumstances of individual branches.

Branches that submit late motions are expected to withdraw any motions submitted by the original motion deadline (as ordered in CBC's first report (UCU1010))


Amendments - deadline 12 noon on Friday 2 October

An online form for the submission of amendments will appear here shortly.

Branches can submit one Congress amendment, and two sector conference amendments. However, branches and other submitting bodies should note the process for the creation of a core agenda described in circular UCU/1038 [149kb] Where motions are not ordered for debate, amendments to these motions will not be ordered. Branches are encouraged to submit amendments only where the motion and the amendment are considered to be of high priority.

Withdrawal of motions

All branches and other submitting bodies are encouraged to withdraw any motions which are no longer timely, which re-state existing policy, or which are no longer a priority for the submitting body.

Any branch submitting a late motion is expected to withdraw one or more of its motions previously submitted.

Notice of the withdrawal of motions can be given by email to

Delegate entitlements

Delegate entitlement is on the same basis as for all Congress meetings: for institutions with over 100 members, one delegate per 400 members or part thereof. 

Information about delegate entitlements for Congress and the sector conferences is available here.

Institutions with under 100 members must enter into the aggregation process. You can find out more about this process from your regional office or from Sue Bajwa in the first instance.

Congress papers

Papers will be uploaded as they become available. Delegates will be reminded by email to check these documents after the final 'core' agenda has been published.

Delegates can indicate, when they register, that they also wish to receive a hard copy mailing.  Congress papers will be posted to these delegates only in the week ending Friday 23 October.

Nomination forms

Nomination forms - deadline 17:00 Wednesday 21 October

Nominations are sought for the following positions, usually elected at Congress. These will be elected by online ballots conducted after the close of the event.

 Any queries about the submission of motions, please contact: Catherine Wilkinson

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Last updated: 15 September 2020