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UCU Congress 2021

First report of the Congress Business Committee now available with all motions submitted. See UCU1074.

The convening notice for Congress has been issued in branch circular UCU1063

Venue & times

Timetable & deadlines


Dependants' allowance (including childcare)

Motions and amendments

Advance notice of delegates' request to speak

Consultation on priority motions


Venue & times

Congress will be held online, on Saturday 29 May, Monday 31 May & Wednesday 2 June 2021. Congress sessions will be scheduled between 10:00 and 16:00 on Saturday 29 May & Monday 31 May to incorporate a lunch break, and a break of 10 minutes in each hour. 

The FE sector conference will take place between 09:30 and 13:00 on Wednesday 2 June, with breaks of 10 minutes in each hour.

The HE sector conference will take place between 13:30 and 17:00 on Wednesday 2 June, with breaks of 10 minutes in each hour.

Timetable & deadlines

12 noon, Friday 19 March

Deadline for motions

Friday 26 March                              

First meeting of the Congress Business Committee

Week beginning Monday 29 March                                        

First report of the Congress Business Committee issued by the end of this week, setting out all motions received (see UCU1074).

Friday 16 April

Voting in the consultation priority motions opens (see section 3 in UCU1063)

17:00, Friday 30 April

Deadline for the registration of Congress delegates

12 noon, Friday 7 May

Deadline for receipt on amendments to motions for Congress and sector conferences, and deadline for voting in priority motions consultation  (see section 3 in UCU1063)

Friday 14 May

Second meeting of the Congress Business Committee, to order motions, informed by results of consultation, and to order amendments received

Week beginning 17 May

Second report of the Congress Business Committee published as soon as practicable this week, setting out motions and amendments, and order of business

12 noon, Friday 21 May

Deadline for receipt of nominations to the Congress Business Committee and deadline for delegates' speaking requests

Friday 28 May

Meetings of the National Executive Committee and Congress Business Committee, if required

Saturday 29 May

First day of Congress

Monday 31 May

Second day of Congress

Wednesday 2 June

Further education sector conference, 09:30 - 1300 & Higher education sector conference 13:30 - 17:00


Delegates properly appointed by branches can register online here.  The online registration form will be open from Wednesday 17 February 

Registration deadline is 17:00, Friday 30 April

Dependants' allowance (including childcare)

Congress delegates who need childcare or other care for dependents in order to take part in this meeting may be able to back some of these costs as a dependents' allowance. Please contact Sue Bajwa for more information (and before any expenses are incurred). 

Advance notice of delegates' request to speak

Advance notice will need to be given of all delegates' requests to speak in the debates. A form will be made available here once the publication of CBC's second report. The deadline for speakers request will be 17:00 on Friday 21 May.

Motions and amendments

The deadline for amendments to Congress and FE and HE sector motions in the Congress business committee's first report  is 12 noon on Friday 7 May.

Form for submission of amendments 

Delegate entitlements

Branches are entitled to one delegate per 400 members or part thereof  Delegate entitlements.

Institutions with under 100 members must enter into the aggregation process. You can find out more about this process from your regional office or from Sue Bajwa in the first instance.

Consultation on priority motions

Due to the constraints of on-line meetings, it is not expected that it will be possible to debate all motions submitted to Congress 2021. Consequently, CBC have decided that a consultation should be carried out amongst registered delegates to inform its ordering process, so that CBC can see which motions delegates think it is most important to debate. For more information, please see section 3 of UCU1063

Voting in the consultation will open by Friday 16 April, and close at the same time as the amendment deadline, 12 noon on Friday 7 May. Only delegates who have registered, and had their registration checked, will be sent their secure voting link. Delegate registration will close at 17:00 on Friday 30 April, to allow all delegate registrations to be checked and delegates to vote before 7 May deadline. 


Congress Business Committee

Nominations are sought for the following vacancies:

  • two higher education members of the Congress Business Committee
  • two further education members of the Congress Business Committee.

from the close of the online Congress meeting until the close of Congress 2023.

Congress business committee nomination form [32kb]

The deadline for nominations is 17:00 on 21 May 2021

Relevant documents

Congress business committee's first report (UCU1074)
Original text of composite motions (UCU1074a)
Subscription rates 2021-22 and ongoing review (UCU1073)
Budget 2021-22 (UCU1072)
Financial statements to 31 August 2020: (UCU1071)
Congress standing orderss [92kb]

Last updated: 14 April 2021