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Member health & safety factsheets

16 June 2008

You will find some factsheets containing basic information on a number health and safety issues below - these are only introductions and are not a substitute for talking to your union rep.

In this section:

Health and safety law 

Safety Representatives & Safety Committees Regulations 1977

This publication contains the Regulations, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance on trade union safety representatives appointment and functions, and the duties imposed on employers to support those functions and other safety reps activities.  Copyright release for this UCU-badged version of the Safety Representatives & Safety Committees Regulations has been given to the TUC, and permits affiliated unions to reproduce it for educational purposes:  TUC Safety representatives and safety committees [1mb]

Your health, your safety: A guide for workers - HSE/TUC leaflet [104kb]

Health and safety law: what you should know - HSE leaflet [64kb]

Workplace organisation

Safety reps or safety committees [134kb]
Safety reps or safety committees [154kb]

Health & safety rep functions [278kb]
Health & safety rep functions [142kb]

Health and well-being

Covid-19: see UCU coronavirus advice

Monkeypox briefing [211kb]

Sickness absence questions [147kb]

What to do if you are involved in an incident or injury at work - UCU member factsheet [164kb]

How long can you be expected to work without being given a break? - UCU factsheet [146kb]

Stress: employer liability - UCU member factsheet [150kb]

Long-term sickness absence - UCU factsheet [143kb]

A guide for new and expectant mothers who work - HSE booklet [628kb]

If you believe that you are being bullied, the chances are, you are - UCU member factsheet [144kb]

What to do if you are being bullied or harassed [163kb]

What to do if you witness bullying or harassment [157kb]

Guidance for those accused of bullying or harassment [160kb]

Who listens? Bullying in further and higher education [159kb]

Worksmart: your health at work - TUC site with information on a number of workplace health issues

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Working environment

Mouse infestations - UCU factsheet [95kb]

Working with VDUs - HSE leaflet [112kb]

Smokefree workplaces: a guide [220kb]

Lone working and mobile working in FE - UCU guidance [75kb]

Teleworking - UCU factsheet [158kb]

Out of 'site', out of mind? IOSH guidance on teleworking [83kb]

Working alone in safety: controlling the risks of solitary work - HSE leaflet [37kb]

Temperature and ventilation - UCU factsheet [164kb]

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Hazards Conference Report 2013 [22kb]

Asbestos in the workplace - UCU factsheet [164kb]

Read the label: how to find out if chemicals are dangerous - HSE factsheet [101kb]

Worksmart FAQs on chemicals

Are you a UCU health & safety rep?

UCU safety representatives and branch/LA officers should contact the UCU health and safety advice service which provides information to reps on all health & safety issues and problems, legislation and guidance.

Last updated: 12 March 2024