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Security Matters

Security Matters is produced by UCU and its anti-casualisation committee. It features discussion of issues facing precarious workers in post-secondary education and reports on the union's work to win better, more secure jobs for education professionals

Cover of Security Matters issue 2 We believe in secure work for all staff.

November 2016 issue:

  • On shaky ground: security in academia?
  • Pushing back on precarious employment: an update on UCU's campaign
  • Recognition victory in coventry
  • Australia's casual approach to university teaching
  • branch reports from Sussex, Northumbria, and Essex universities, and South Downs, and Kings College

Security Matters, issue 2, Nov 16 [1mb]

Security Matters - November 2015 issue

Issue 1 of 'Security Matters', the campaigning publication from UCU which looks at the issues facing precarious workers in post-secondary education.