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Special FE sector conference - October 2010: 2010-11 pay offer

1 July 2010

A special further education sector conference was held on 2 October 2010 to consider the 2010-11 final pay offer for colleges in England.

Intended business

The conference was called to determine whether should UCU accept or reject the 2010-11 final pay offer for colleges in England and to consider proposals on an industrial action ballot. Additionally the conference discussed strategy in relation threats to jobs and pensions in the sector.

The following motions were carried:

Pay offer 2010-11

Conference rejects the derisory AoC final 2010-11 pay offer of 0.2%, or £50 whichever is the greater, for FE staff in England. With RPI inflation in the range of 3 - 5 % this offer represents a real pay cut for members at the same time as schoolteachers are to receive 2.3%, and HE staff offered 0.4%.
Conference instructs the FEC to organise a ballot for a programme of strike action, and other action, in support of a campaign for a vastly improved offer, if possible alongside other trade unions.
This action should be aimed specifically towards the issues that exists within the FE sector especially with regards to pay, conditions of service and threatened job losses.

Equity with schoolteachers                     

Conference asserts that any offer accepted must be at least be equivalent to the 2.3% received by schoolteachers.

Equal pay rises for all staff      

Conference demands that any final national pay settlement is applied equally to all staff including senior managers and the CEO/Principal and we demand the scandal of excessive pay rises for SMT/Principals ends immediately.

Campaign for parity across education sector

Conference calls for a campaign by the further education committee, in consultation with members, to improve members' terms & conditions of employment in order to give UCU members parity across the education sector.

IOU campaign

This conference congratulates those branches that are continuing to fight for implementation of the modernised pay scales. This conference re affirms its commitment to campaign for the modernised pay scales to be implemented in all colleges and resolves to continue to support industrial action called by colleges involved in the campaign with full strike pay from the first day of the dispute.

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