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Special HE sector conference - January 2012: USS

10 January 2012

At its December meeting, HEC agreed to call a decision-making conference of pre-92 branches to discuss recent developments in the dispute and plans to escalate industrial action.

Date: Tuesday 31 January 2012

Conference of pre-92 branches

The conference discussed motions (see UCUHE131 below) relating to the report and recommendations from the negotiators (see UCU129 below).


Branches are aware that, at the end of October, the employers' agreed to further talks on issues relating to the USS scheme but outwith the extreme constraints imposed by the formal JNC machinery.

On 16 December, UCU representatives met directly with employers' representatives. We pressed the employers on their insistence on ending the right to an unreduced pension in the event of redundancy from 2013. We envisage that 2013 could potentially be a year of particular upheaval in the sector. We also pressed the employers' representatives for a response to the changed pension landscape, in particular the recent developments in other public sector schemes. We said the employers needed to respond to the terms of the CARE schemes that even this Government was offering to others working in public services. There were further meetings in on 5, 10 and 12 January.

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