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Organising toolkits

28 November 2006

Organising and recruitment work builds the capacity of your branch. A coordinated effort to increase membership density through recruitment and retention will pay off in every area of the union's activity.

This increase in membership and membership involvement will bring an improved ability to identify workplace concerns, greater credibility with management and will contribute to the development of new activists.

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Branch recruitment support pack

The UCU recruitment calendar lists the things that are happening nationally and what you could be doing locally to support the campaign.

A Powerpoint presentation for reps to use in induction meetings with new staff: UCU induction presentation [397kb] - (also available as a bilingual Welsh/English version [301kb]). 

Our set of speakers' notes to accompany the Powerpoint presentation: Induction presentation speaker’s notes [35kb]

See also our range of recruitment posters, leaflets and promotional items for download or order.


Below are a series of short guides to help you develop and implement a successful recruitment strategy.

Putting together a recruitment strategy [17kb]

Planning a recruitment campaign [26kb]

Recruitment campaign checklist [21kb]

Finding non-members [23kb]

Workplace mapping [39kb]

Ensuring recruitment of new staff - a checklist [18kb]

How to approach a potential member [23kb]

How to answer the ‘why join’ questions [114kb]

Being a successful door-knocker [18kb]

Running recruitment stalls [161kb]

Activist experience: Recruiting stories [19kb]

Activist experience: Door-knocking - it works [18kb]

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