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UCU environment conference 2010

14 September 2010

18 November 2010

Sustainable development - Making our voice heard

Trade unions have got a major stake in promoting a low carbon economy. This conference provides us with the chance to develop our capacity at:

  • sector level - UCU has identified 3 key areas where we need to make a difference -campus, curriculum and community. Is your branch up to the challenge?
  • national level - We need to influence the national debate. The coalition government claimed it will be the 'greenest government ever'. Six months down the line have they kept their pledge?
  • international level - After the failure of Copenhagen how will the international community meet the challenge of climate change at the Cancun conference?

UCU environmental conference 2010: keynote speakers

UCU environmental conference 2010: themes

UCU environmental conference 2010: green reps' experiences

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