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Teacher Education in a time of austerity: what is at stake for UCU members?

10 September 2010

Seminar for teacher educators training primary and secondary school teachers

On Tuesday 2 November 2010 there was a seminar at UCU for HE and college based teacher educators training primary and secondary school teachers. A programme for the seminar is available here:

The seminar was scheduled to counter the threat to current teacher-training practices posed by both the Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove's ideological preference for an 'apprenticeship' model for teacher education and the TDA's instruction to teacher education departments to make no firm commitments on new training places 'until after publication of the Comprehensive Spending Review'.

The seminar sought to build on and explore a 'growing consensus that the Education Secretary's plans to shift training from universities to schools would degrade the teaching profession' reported by the TES on 2 July 10.

James Noble-Rogers, Chief Executive of the Universities Council for the Education of Teachers (UCET) gave an overview of the current HE and college based teacher training policy landscape:

Jean Murray, Professor of Education, University of East London then gave a second presentation on the central importance of HE/college based teacher education in the creation and maintenance of a high quality professional education workforce in primary and secondary education:

The seminar then broke into workshops to shape the work of the UCU Teacher Education Network, reporting back in plenary. See workshop and plenary notes here: 

The following briefing is in response to delegates' requests for a briefing that sets out the proven, evidenced case for the current system of collaboration between HEIs and schools in the provision of ITE, CPD and the Masters in Teaching and Learning:

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