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Quality assurance and the Bologna Process

13 January 2010


A seminar for UCU members on quality assurance (QA) in the context of the Bologna Process and its increasing interest in QA issues, Wednesday 21 April 2010.

Location: UCU head office, London
This seminar is planned by UCU in the context of the new priority given to quality assurance and to students' evolving status as customers of higher education with the implications that has for quantitative measures/league tables. It will take place in the context of the evolving place of quality assurance in the Bologna Process, and also of changes in the UK's QA regime.

The seminar will bring together UCU activists and practitioners in the field of QA in higher education institutions, with a view to analysing current trends in QA and related fields and the responses of staff and UCU to them. It is hoped that there will be lessons to be learnt both for UCU and for the European higher education teacher trade unions more generally. A seminar report will be prepared which it is hoped will be of interest to both UCU and to Education International (EI) and its higher education affiliates.
We expect 30-40 participants including both practitioners in the field and UCU activists. The seminar will include plenary and smaller workshop sessions. There will be a £30 seminar fee to cover lunch and refreshments (invoiced on receipt of registration form - see below for how to register).
The following have been confirmed to lead the discussion as speakers/panellist, in addition to the UCU vice-president:

  • Dáire Keogh, Coordinator of Quality Assurance, St Patrick's College, Dublin and Register Committee Member, the European Quality Assurance Register (EQAR)
  • Jens Vraa-Jensen, Chair of the Higher Education and Research Standing Committee of Education International (Europe)
  • Fiona Crozier - Assistant Director in the Development and Enhancement Group, QAA

For a seminar programme click here [1mb]

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