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NEC casual vacancy further education: north west

12 June 2020

Nominations to a NEC casual vacancy for a geographically-elected member (FE North West) closed at 5:00pm on Friday 10 July 2020. The calling notice for nominations was set out in circular UCU/1015.  The following nomination was received:

Helen Kelsall (The Trafford College Group)

The nomination was supported by the signatures of at least 10 members.

As the number of nominations do not exceed the number of places available, Helen Kelsall (The Trafford College Group) is declared elected to take up office with immediate effect until the end of UCU's annual Congress in 2021.

Relevant information

nominations received:
UCU1027.html | UCU1027.rtf

calling notice
UCU1015.html | UCU1015.rtf
casual vacancy FE NW nomination form [59kb]
election address regulations [86kb]
election guidance notes [96kb]
election rules [256kb]



Last updated: 2 October 2020