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UCU Scotland elections 2017-18

UCU Scotland Equality Officer: ballot now open

The ballot to elect  Equality Officer of UCU Scotland opens on 1 February 2018.  The calling notice for nominations can be found below.  Attention is also drawn to the election guidance notes election guidance notes [242kb].

Ballot information

Members of UCU Scotland will receive one ballot paper which will include the election of UCU Scotland Equality Officer as well as the national UCU Officer and National Executive Committee elections in which they are entitled to vote.  All ballots close at noon on Thursday 1 March 2018Further details about national UCU Officer and National Executive Committee elections can be found here.

Ballot material will be dispatched on 1 February - we know that this can take a few days to arrive.  If any member has not received the ballot material to which they are entitled by Friday 9 February, they should contact Kay Metcalfe (kmetcalfe@ucu.org.uk, telephone: 020 7756 2551), providing full name, membership number, branch, and the full postal address at which the ballot paper should have been received.

The scrutineer for these elections is Electoral Reform Services (ERS), The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 ONW.   Please note that the pre-paid reply envelope provided for the return of ballot papers will show a different address:  this reflects an arrangement ERS has to deal with the very large volume of post it receives.  All ballot papers returned in either  the pre-paid envelope or to the ERS office address above will reach the scrutineer.

The election for the position of Honorary Secretary of UCU Scotland was organised nationally and details can be found here.

To be sent information in hard copy, including large print or other formats, or for further information about these elections, contact Kay Metcalfe at UCU's head office (tel: 020 7756 2551).

Equality Officer of UCU Scotland: election addresses

Election addresses can be seen by clicking on the name of the candidate.  Candidates' names appear in a random order drawn by the scrutineer, Electoral Reform Services.

Dr Anna Notaro (University of Dundee)
Dr Marion Hersh (University of Glasgow)
Dr Sola Kasim (University of Aberdeen)


Election documents

nominations for UCUS equality officer [43kb]
Calling notice [54kb]
Nomination form [183kb]
additional signature sheets [49kb]
election address form [150kb]
election address regulations [143kb]
election guidance notes [242kb]‚Äč

Last updated: 1 February 2018