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UCU trustee, officer and NEC elections in 2021-22: results

29 September 2021

UCU national elections in 2021-22

The results of the trustee, vice president (becoming president in 2024-25) and NEC elections have now been declared and are available below.  The terms of office for these positions begin on 3 June 2022 unless otherwise stated. 

The scrutineer's reports are available:

Scrutineer report: national seats [5mb]
Scrutineer report: further education seats [3mb]
Scrutineer report: higher education seats [4mb]

The scrutineer for these elections was Civica Election Services, The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW.

To be sent information in large print or other formats, or for further information about these elections, contact Kay Metcalfe or Catherine Wilkinson

Trustee, Officer and NEC elections 2022:  results

Trustees (2 seats)

Anna Marie Roos (University of Lincoln)

Neil Macfarlane (Nottingham Trent University)

result sheet [87kb]

Vice President from the further education sector (becoming President in 2024-25) (1 seat)

Maxine Looby (Oldham College)

result sheet [61kb]

Geographically-elected members of the National Executive Committee

Northern Ireland HE (1 seat)(uncontested)

Linda Moore (Ulster University)

Northern Ireland FE (1 seat)(uncontested)

Martina Donald (North West Regional College)

Wales HE (1 seat)(uncontested)

Vida Greaux (Cardiff University)

North East HE (3 seats)

Laura Chuhan Campbell (Durham University)

Matt Perry (Newcastle University)

Joanna de Groot (University of York)

result sheet [81kb]

North East FE (1 seat)(uncontested)

Elaine White (Bradford College)

London and the East HE (5 seats to include at least two women)

Kyran Joughin (UAL)[woman]

Sean Wallis (UCL)

Emma Kennedy (University of Greenwich)[woman]

Esther Murray (Queen Mary University of London)[woman]

Maria Chondrogianni (University of Westminster)[woman]

result sheet [95kb]

London and the East FE (2 seats)(uncontested)

Delmena Doyley (Croydon College)

Richard McEwan (New City College (Poplar))

UK-elected members HE (5 seats; to include at least one post-92, one academic related and two women)

Ann Gow (University of Glasgow)[woman]

Dr Rhian Elinor Keyse (Birkbeck, University of London)[woman]

Peta Bulmer (University of Liverpool)[woman]

Grant Buttars (University of Edinburgh)[academic related]

Andrew Feeney (Northumbria University)[post-92]

result sheet [196kb]

UK-elected members FE (3 seats; to include at least one ACE and one woman)

Naina Kent is declared elected as the only candidate in adult continuing or community-based education [ACE, woman] which also fulfils the criteria for one woman to be elected.

Nina Doran (City of Liverpool College)

Dharminder Singh Chuhan (Sandwell College)

result sheet [54kb]

Representatives of women members (5 seats; three HE and two FE members to be elected)

Higher education (3 seats)

Jo Edge (University of Edinburgh)

Julie Hearn (Lancaster University)

Emma Rees (University of Chester)

result sheet [61kb]

Further education (2 seats)(uncontested)

Regine Pilling (Capital City College Group (Westminster Kingsway))

Casual vacancy: representative of disabled members (1 seat)

No nominations received.

Representatives of migrant members (casual vacancy) (1 seat)

Dr Khizer Saeed (University of Brighton)

result sheet [60kb]

Casual vacancy: representative of land-based members (1 seat)

No nominations received.

Last updated: 18 October 2022