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UCU national officer and national executive committee elections in 2019

1 February 2019

The results of the officer and NEC elections have now been declared and are available below.  The terms of office for these positions begin on 27 May 2019 unless otherwise stated. 

The scrutineer's reports are available here:

Scrutineer report officer and national seats [112kb]
Scrutineer report FE seats [569kb]
Scrutineer report HE seats [575kb]

To be sent information in hard copy, including large print or other formats, or for further information about these elections, contact Kay Metcalfe at UCU's head office (tel: 020 7756 2551).

Officer and NEC elections 2019: results

Vice President from the higher education sector (1 seat)
Vicky Blake (University of Leeds)

count sheet vice president [102kb]

Honorary Treasurer (1 seat)
Dr Steve Sangwine (University of Essex)

count sheet honorary treasurer [95kb]

Geographically-elected members of the National Executive Committee

Midlands HE (3 seats) (uncontested)
Kirsten Forkert (Birmingham City University)
Nick Hardy (University of Birmingham)
Justine Mercer (University of Warwick)

Midlands FE (1 seat)
John Paul Sullivan (Warwickshire College Group)

count sheet Midlands FE [96kb]

North West HE (2 seats)
Philippa Browning (University of Manchester)
Saira Weiner (Liverpool John Moores University)

count sheet North West HE [108kb]

North West FE (1 seat)
Janet Farrar (Bury College)

count sheet North West FE [95kb]

South HE (4 seats to include at least one woman)
Deepa Govindarajan Driver (University of Reading)(woman)
Lesley Kane (Open University)(woman)
Sally Pellow (University of Reading)(woman)
Catherine Pope (University of Southampton)(woman)

count sheet South HE [445kb]

South FE (1 seat - uncontested)
Alison Chapman (City of Plymouth College)

Wales FE (and vice president UCU Wales) (1 seat - uncontested)
Chris Jones (NPTC Group)


Honorary Secretary UCU Scotland (1 seat)
Janice Aitken (University of Dundee)

count sheet Scotland honorary secretary [95kb]

President UCU Scotland (1 seat)
Dr Carlo Morelli (University of Dundee)

count sheet Scotland president [95kb]

North East HE (1 seat) (casual vacancy)(to take up office from the declaration of the result)
Bruce Baker (University of Newcastle)

count sheet HE North East [96kb]

UK-elected members HE (4 seats; to include at least one post-92, one academic related)
Dr Jo Grady (University of Sheffield)
Dr Marion Hersh (University of Glasgow)
Dr Maria Chondrogianni (University of Westminster) (post-92)
Lesley McGorrigan (University of Leeds) (academic related)
As the only academic related candidate, Lesley McGorrigan is declared elected to one of the four HE UK-elected seats unopposed.

count sheet HE UK-elected [116kb]

UK-elected members FE (2 seats)
Anya Cook (Newcastle College)
Jacqueline D'Arcy (Warwickshire College Group)

count sheet FE UK-elected [114kb]

Representatives of disabled members (2 seats; one HE member and one FE member to be elected to include at least one woman)
Lucy Burke (Manchester Metropolitan University) (HE, woman)
Elane Heffernan (New City College (Hackney)) (FE, woman)
As the only FE candidate, Elane Heffernan is declared elected to one of the two seats for disabled members unopposed.

count sheet representative of disabled members [95kb]

Representatives of LGBT+ members (2 seats; one HE and one FE member to be elected - uncontested)
Louise Gooddy (Accrington & Rossendale College) (FE)
Ryan Prout (Cardiff University) (HE)

Representatives of black members (2 seats; at least one woman to be elected)
Victoria Showunmi (University College London (IOE))(woman)
Maxine Looby (Oldham College)(woman)

count sheet representatives of black members [104kb]

Representatives of casually employed members (2 seats; one HE member and one FE member to be elected - uncontested)
Cecily Blyther (Petroc) (FE)
Christina Paine (London Metropolitan University) (HE)

Representative of members in land-based education (1 seat - uncontested)
Eleni Michalopoulou (University of Liverpool)

Representative of members in prison education (1 seat - uncontested)
Brian Hamilton (Novus prison education branch)

Election documents:

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