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Officer and national executive committee elections 2009

5 October 2008

Elections for national officer and national executive committee members of UCU and UCU Scotland officers and executive committee members.

Ballots were held 5 February - 5 March 2009. All terms of office are for a term of two years and begin on 29 May 2009, following the close of UCU's annual Congress meeting.

UCU election results 2009

Results of these elections are listed below; links to the count for each election follow the relevant result. All ballots were counted by Single Transferable Vote. The scrutineer's reports are available here:

Any member may request a copy of the scrutineer's reports from UCU.

1 Officers of the union


Terry Hoad (University of Oxford)

Honorary treasurer

Mr Alan Carr (Open University)

2 Geographically-elected members of the national executive committee (NEC)

Further education, North West

Elected unopposed:
Angie McConnell (Wigan and Leigh College)
John Murphy (Blackburn College FE)

Higher education, North West

John Dobson (University of Salford)
Karen Evans (University of Liverpool)

Further education, Midlands

Elected unopposed:
James Eaden (Chesterfield College)
Caroline Gray (City College Birmingham)

Higher education, Midlands

Elected unopposed:
Ron Mendel (University of Northampton)

Further education, South

Elected unopposed:
Loraine Monk (NESCOT)
John Perry (Cornwall College)

Higher education, South

Jim Guild (University of Sussex)
Tom Hickey (University of Brighton)
Lesley Kane (Open University)

Higher education, Scotland

Lesley McIntosh (Robert Gordon University) (President UCU Scotland)

Angela Roger (University of Dundee) (Honorary secretary UCU Scotland)

3 UK-elected members of the national executive committee (NEC)

Higher education

Seven elected to include at least one from a post-92 institution and at least two women

Gargi Bhattacharyya (Aston University)
Philip Burgess (University of Dundee)
Jimmy Donaghey (Queen's University Belfast)
Joe Gluza (University of Cambridge)
Maeve Landman (University of the West of England)
Malcolm Povey (University of Leeds)
Angela Shann (University of Sheffield)

Further education

Five elected to include at least two women

Alan Barker (New College Nottingham)
Alison Gander (Nelson and Colne College)
Tricia Gott (Bradford College)
Mr Brian Ingham (Richmond-upon-Thames College)
Ms Kathy Taylor (Northumberland College)

4 Equality seats

Representative of disabled members

At least one from HE, at least one from FE, and at least one woman

Patricia Roche (Blackpool & Fylde College) (elected unopposed as only candidate to meet requirement for one woman and one candidate from FE)
Roger Walters (Open University)

Representative of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members

At least one from HE, at least one from FE

Stephen Desmond (Thames Valley University)
Laura Miles (Bradford College) (elected unopposed as only candidate to meet requirement for one candidate from FE)

Representatives of black members

At least one to be a woman

Elected unopposed:
Dr Bill Gulam (University of Salford)
Ms Maureen Henry-Johnson (Sandwell College)

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