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Officer and national executive committee elections 2008

15 October 2007

Information about the NEC elections 2008.

Ballots held as part of the 2008 NEC elections closed on Friday 29 February 2008. Results of these elections are listed below; links to the count for each election follow the relevant result. All ballots were counted by Single Transferable Vote: the scrutineer's reports are available here:

All candidates take up position at the end of Congress on 30 May 2008, with the exception of the disabled members' representative, which is a casual vacancy and takes effect immediately.

Any member may request a copy of the scrutineer's reports from UCU.


Vice-President who is a member of the further education sector

Alan Whitaker (Oxford and Cherwell Valley College) - elected unopposed

Disabled members' representative (casual vacancy)

Roger Walters (Open University)

Representative of disabled members count [19kb]

Women members in the higher education sector

Mary Davis (London Metropolitan University)
Renee Prendergast (Queen's University Belfast)
Amanda Sackur (London Metropolitan University)

Representatives of women members count [19kb]

Women members in the further education sector

Maire Daley (Liverpool Community College) - elected unopposed
Patricia Roche (Blackpool and Fylde College) - elected unopposed


UK-elected members from the higher education sector

Seven to be elected, to include at least three post-92 [post-92], one academic-related [Ac-rel] and one fixed-term and/or hourly paid [FT/HP]

Dave Guppy (University College London) Ac-rel
Terry Hoad (University of Oxford)
Christine Vie (Manchester Metropolitan University) post-92
Pauline Collins (Open University) Ac-rel; FT/HP
Jon Pike (Open University)
Mark Campbell (London Metropolitan University) post-92
Steve Clark (Nottingham Trent University) post-92

This ballot result was corrected by the scrutineer, following an earlier, incorrect report which appeared here for part of Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 March. A full explanation from the scrutineer can be found at the bottom of this page.

UK-elected HE members count [22kb]

Geographically-elected members from the higher education sector

Northern Ireland

Terry McKnight (University of Ulster) - elected unopposed


Andrew Morgan (University of Swansea)

Wales HE count [23kb]

North East

Gavin Reid (University of Leeds)
Elizabeth Lawrence (Sheffield Hallam University)
Joanna de Groot (University of York)

North East HE count [20kb]

London and the East

Simon Renton (UCL)
Jill Jones (University of Westminster)
Jane Hardy (University of Hertfordshire)

London and East HE count [19kb]


UK-elected members from the further education sector

Five to be elected, including at least one in adult continuing or community based education[A/Com], one in prison education [Prison], and one fixed-term or hourly paid [FT/HP]

John McCormack (Northumberland College)
David Swanson (City College Manchester)
Lynne Chamberlain (RNIB Redhill College) A/Com
Jim Thakoordin (Bedfordshire ACE) A/Com, FT/HP
Keith Mallinson (HMP Wormwood Scrubs) prison

UK-elected FE members count [19kb]

Geographically-elected members from the further education sector

Northern Ireland

David Limb (North West Regional College) - elected unopposed


Craig Lewis (Deeside College) - elected unopposed

North East

Jon Bryan (Newcastle College)
Julie Kelley (Hull College)

North East FE count [19kb]

London and the East

Sean Vernell (City and Islington College) - elected unopposed
David Armstrong (Barnet College) - elected unopposed

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