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UCU officer and NEC elections in 2023: results

16 June 2023

The results of the vice president (becoming president in 2025-26), honorary treasurer and NEC elections have now been declared and are available below.  The terms of office for these positions begin on 29 May. 

The scrutineer's reports are now available:

national seats [305kb]
FE seats [298kb]
HE seats [303kb]

The scrutineer for these elections is Civica Election Services, The Election Centre, 33 Clarendon Road, London N8 0NW.

To be sent information in large print or other formats, or for further information about these elections, contact Kay Metcalfe or Catherine Wilkinson

Outlines for NEC and officer roles

Members who have nominated to the above vacancies may find the . outlines for NEC and officer roles [201kb] helpful.

To be sent information in hard copy, including large print or other formats, or for further information about these elections, contact Kay Metcalfe or Catherine Wilkinson.

Officer and NEC elections 2023: results

Vice President (becoming president in 2025-26)

Dr Maria Chondrogianni (University of Westminster)

Vice President result sheet [91kb]

Honorary Treasurer

Dr David Harvie (University of Leeds)

Honorary Treasurer result sheet [97kb]

Geographically-elected members of the National Executive Committee

Midlands HE (3 seats)

Agnes Flues (University of Nottingham)

Rhiannon Lockley (Birmingham City University)

Caroline Proctor (University of Warwick)

HE Midlands result sheet [110kb]

Midlands FE (1 seat - uncontested)

Doug Webley (South and City College Birmingham)

North West HE (2 seats)

Philippa Browning (University of Manchester)

Lucy Burke (Manchester Metropolitan University)

HE North West result sheet [112kb]

North West FE (1 seat)

Helen Kelsall (Trafford College Group)

FE North West result sheet [91kb]

South HE (4 seats to include at least one woman)

Rebecca Harrison (Open University) [woman]

Aris Katzourakis (University of Oxford)

Dr Deepa Govindarajan Driver (University of Reading) [woman]

Mark Abel (University of Brighton)

HE South result sheet [106kb]

South FE (1 seat)

John Fones (Bridgwater and Taunton College)

FE South result sheet [90kb]

Scotland HE - UCU Scotland President and UCU Scotland Honorary Secretary

President UCU Scotland

Jeanette Findlay (University of Glasgow)

result sheet UCU Scotland President [94kb]

Honorary Secretary UCU Scotland

Dr Carlo Morelli (University of Dundee)

result sheet UCU Scotland Honorary Secretary [88kb]

Wales FE (and vice president UCU Wales) (1 seat - uncontested)

John James (Coleg Gwent)

UK-elected members HE (4 seats; to include at least one post-92, one academic-related)

Vicky Blake (University of Leeds) [academic-related)

Dr Marion Hersh (University of Glasgow)

Dyfrig Jones (Bangor University)

Dr Adam Hansen (Northumbria University) [post-92]

result sheet HE UK-elected members [153kb]

UK-elected members FE (2 seats)

Sean Vernell (City and Islington College)

Jackie D'Arcy (Warwickshire College Group)

result sheet FE UK-elected members [97kb]

Representatives of disabled members (2 seats; one HE member and one FE member to be elected to include at least one woman)

Patricia Roche(Blackpool and The Fylde College) [FE, woman] is declared elected unopposed

Bijan Parsia (University of Manchester) [HE]

result sheet disabled members' representative [94kb]

Representatives of LGBT+ members (2 seats; one HE and one FE member to be elected)

Peter Evans (Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College) [FE] is declared elected unopposed

Mark Pendleton (University of Sheffield) [HE]

result sheet LGBT+ members' representative [92kb]

Representatives of black members (2 seats; at least one woman to be elected)

Dr Jak Peake (University of Essex)

Juliana Ojinnaka (The Sheffield College) [woman]

result sheet black members' respresentatives [99kb]

Representatives of migrant members (2 seats, to include at least one non-EU member)

Vivek Thuppil (Bangor University) [non-EU]

Laura Loyola-Hernández (University of Leeds) [non-EU]

result sheet representatives of migrant members [100kb]

Representatives of casually employed members (2 seats; one HE member and one FE member to be elected)

Andrew Ward (Barking and Dagenham College) [FE] is declared elected unopposed

Matilda Fitzmaurice (Newcastle University) [HE]

result sheet representative of casually employed members [122kb]

Representative of members in land-based education (1 seat - unfilled)

No nominations received.

Representative of members in prison education (1 seat - uncontested)

Sharon Norey (Novus prison education)

Useful documents

Candidate withdrawal: UCU2063
Information on ballot period: UCU2059
Nominations received: UCU2054
Calling notice: UCU2051
nomination form [78kb]
election address form [119kb]
additional signature sheets [36kb]
election address regulations [61kb]
elections guidance [53kb]
outlines for NEC and officer roles [201kb]
election rules [153kb]

Last updated: 16 June 2023